Arena Werks Equipment

Arena Werks by Snodgress Equipment, Now the Official drag of the Ranch Sorting National Championships!


Drag, Level, Flatten, and Break Up dirt clods in one pass

Using the Arena Werks arena products you are able to Water, Rip, Level, and Smooth all in one swipe. And with no corners on the drag, you are able to get close to the fence and it won’t hook the fence post.

The circular motion of the arena drag takes the high spots of dirt and spins them around and deposits them in the low spots. It will grab the dirt that gets thrown up on the rail around the arena fence, therefore, leaving a smooth, level finish on the arena.

Randy Snodgress began producing Arena Werks Arena Drags around 1988 beginning with a rotary harrow design to which he made changes, added variety to the design, and never looked back! Randy used to train and show horses, so he knows how important good footing is in an arena for horses to remain sound and free of injury.

Where It All Began ~ The Original Arena Werks 

Simple, yet effective and easy to use!

The Original Arena Werks works to keep your ground just the way you like it.


Innovation and Variety ~ The Arena Werks H20 Pro ~

Water, Rip, Level and Fluff all in one pass.


View all of the innovative and easy to use arena grooming products by Arena Werks: 

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