L & H Branding Irons

L & H Branding Irons makes the most complete line of freeze branders for horses. Standard sizes range from 1" to 6" in height. L & H also specializes in custom production of original & special design branders.

You will find L & H Freeze Branders to be of the highest quality metal and superior workmanship.

Horse theft is not just "stories from the past". With the increasing prices for quality Working Performance Horses, horse theft is on the rise . Sadly, horse thefts do happen, but there are things that owners can do to deter thieves. Ensure that your horse is freezemarked or microchipped: This is easy to arrange and your horse’s details are put onto a central computer - See more at: World Horse Welfare 

L & H branding irons, freeze brand
L & H branding irons, freeze brand

These branding irons are ample in weight and have the temperature holding capacity to help you brand more livestock in less time and still aid you in producing a better brand. All special design freeze brands are normally shipped within 2 weeks from date order is received.



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