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Running Horse® matches the correct feed to the right stage of your horses’ activity level. Breeding, competition, pleasure or retirement, Running Horse feeds have the balanced nutrition necessary to help keep your horse in the best shape possible.


The Running Horse line of feed includes Mare & Foal, Cut & Slide, Trail Mix and Senior.

They were designed to have low concentrations of fermentable sugars including starch. The ingredients in Running Horse feeds include Beet Pulp, Rice Bran and Wheat Midds/Bran. The glycemic index of these feedstuffs are very low and help reduce problems associated with high intakes of NSC including insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, hyperactivity and laminitis.

Features and Benefits of Running Horse Feed


  • Advanced Extrusion Process improves digestibility which ultimately results in feeding less
  • The “Fixed Formula” concept of Running Horse Feeds and Treats gives consistent results
  • The low non-structural carbohydrate level helps to reduce the “sugar high” 
  • Complete feeding program eliminates the need for additional supplements
  • The oat like appearance results in a highly palatable product
  • “Weed Seed Free” certified
  • Controlled energy source from fat
  • Consumption control helps to reduce gastro-intestinal disorders


As a consumer you should know the Running Horse Feeds facility is certified by the Facility Certification Institute (FCI) a feed industry standard to ensure feed and food safety, they are certified by the American Feed Industry (AFIA) Safe Feed/Safe Food Program and are also a HACCP certified facility.

We not only make the feed, we use it.
— Dave Patee, President, Consumer Supply Distribution

If you’ve never used Running Horse®, now is the time to try it. 

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