Good solutions give us more than results; they give us comfort.  But the best solutions go beyond solving problems by preventing future issues.

Arenus’ commitment to research and quality has created a family of canine, equine, and other nutrition products as unique as our company.  

Developed by veterinarians and nutritionists and supported by a team of animal health specialists, Arenus’ products deliver more than what you think your animal could be receiving: They provide what your animal needs, whether healthy or ill.  And this is because Arenus is centered on the core belief of supporting complete animal care solutions, with deep passion and exact science.

Every product, as with every effort of Arenus, serves the singularly pure purpose of supporting better and more health and wellness through nutritional science.

  • BeneFab by Sore No-More: This line of ceramic and magnetic therapy products for horses and humans provide the latest in technology and unsurpassed relief from sore muscles and pain.
  • Botanical Animal Flower Essences: Holistic remedies have been utilized for thousands of years among many species.  This line of flower essence blends builds on the existing research by offering expertly formulated, easy to administer supplements that address specific behavior challenges in animals.
  • Equilite Herbals: Designed for the holistically conscious horse owner, the Equilite Herbals provide system specific supplements made with the highest quality herbs available.  These products utilize thousands of years of research to naturally support your horse through a variety of health and wellness issues.
  • Sore No-More: This line of herbal liniments is perhaps the most well-known and most awarded in the industry for safety and efficacy.  The 100% herbal formula ensures safe application while the unique engineering offers unparalleled performance through athletic activity and recovery.
  • Vital Science: This family of veterinary trusted supplements provides your animal with the very best, research proven products available.  As each are either patented or patent-pending, you can trust these daily supplements to support your animal through the toughest respiratory, immune, structural, digestive and reproductive challenges. 

  • Up to $10,000 in coverage benefits
  • Coverage for horses with a prior history of colic
  • Coverage for horses with a prior history of colic surgery
  • Medical and surgical colic coverage
  • Coverage while horses are travelling internationally
  • Flexible purchasing directly through Arenus, your veterinarian or selected retailers

Empirical evidence and peer-reviewed publications form the foundation of our research into the exact ingredients and formulations that make up our products. With Arenus, your animal receives the finest, consistent, and quality non-pharmaceutical solutions - natural enough for your own use and powerful enough to bring you a solution for any animal.
— Arenus
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Arenus is a proud member of National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) and their products are manufactured in Colorado, USA