Equine Colic Relief Products & Natural Health Supplements

Arenus develops leading health supplements and other products with a science-first focus, specializing in equine colic relief, topicals, and wearables.


Arenus’ commitment to research and quality has created a family of canine, equine, and other nutrition products as unique as our company.  

Their full line of nutraceutical and herbal supplements, topicals and wearable therapies specifically address an array of health challenges while supporting everyday wellness.


Benefab by Sore No-More  *  Botanical Animal Flower Essences  *  Equilite Herbals  *  Sore No-More  *  Vital Science


CLICK IMAGE to learn about Arenus' Colic Assurance Products and Program! 

CLICK IMAGE to learn about Arenus' Colic Assurance Products and Program! 

When you purchase a product from us, take comfort in knowing that we’ve already done the legwork and make no empty claims.  Each of our products has been thoroughly researched in their final formulations to ensure complete efficacy.  In fact, many companies even cite our research to support their own products.  To put it simply, our products solve and prevent problems.  Guaranteed.
— Arenus

Visit the Arenus website to find products for your horse, dog and your own needs.

There, you will find a product selector, dealer locator, ingredient listings, contact information, and more! 

Arenus is a proud member of National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) and their products are manufactured in Colorado, USA