Reindl Quarter Horses

Located 20 miles South of I-90, with rolling hills and river breaks, the Reindl Quarter Horses band runs in some of the finest grassland in South Dakota. It is with great pride and admiration that Deb Reindl has been able to continue the legacy began by her mother, Bonnie Bennett in the mid 1960's. Deb takes pride in the fact that she has been able to continue, and build this elite set of outstanding Foundation Quarter Horses which are close to 100% foundation bred! 

Deb is proud that while adding new foundation bred horses to the band over the years, some things have remained the same; great minds, gentle dispositions, confirmation, athletic ability, cow sense, and above all, their dependability.

However, there often comes a time when life changes directions, and we must too.

Unfortunately, Deb lost Mr. Skippit Poco, who was to be the main herd sire in the coming years, in February of 2017. The loss of Skippit has brought Deb to the conclusion that some difficult, and life changing decisions need to be made. As such, she is dramatically reducing the size of her herd and selling some of her mares. 

For immediate sale are:

Belle, Crystal, Scooter, Imelda, Lady KC Doll- all heavy bred to Sandy Cue Tivio. Lilly, heavy bred to Okie Blackburn. And Chicka who sells open.

BIDDING on these mares is taking place on Deb's Facebook page, or, you may contact her directly with an offer. Email or 605-452-3243






These foals are an example of the quality the Reindl Quarter Horses breeding program produces. You will NOT be disappointed. 



The coffee pot is always on, and Deb is happy to show you the rewards of years of selective breeding, hard work and a lot of love!


Please visit the Reindl Quarter Horses Website for more information about her foundation breeding program! 

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