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Porta-Grazer™ is the natural slow grazing feeder. The Porta-Grazer™prevents and treats many digestive ailments including colic and ulcers, eliminates hay waste and mess, travels easily, and is second only to nature! 

The Porta-Grazer™ provides a healthy, natural feeding system for horses that saves you money and allows your horse to live a happier and healthier life. The Porta-Grazer™ is designed to allow the horse to graze hay in a naturally slow, continuous manner and in the correct posture. Porta-Grazer’s™ patented design offers hay to the horse in such a manner that each bite is pulled and torn to size, resulting in slowed rate of consumption. Searching-pulling-tearing while chewing and swallowing – that’s natural and that’s Porta-Grazer™.


XL Traveler

XL Traveler

Prevent and treat colic and ulcers

Your horse is a hind gut fermenting grazer. Meaning he searches, pulls, tears, chews and swallows in a continuous manner whenever he is hungry, eating only enough to be satisfied and never to be full. Horses secrete a constant ongoing supply of stomach acid (16 gallons per day) to digest the constant supply of forage they require to survive. One of the main causes of gastric ulcers is the hydrochloric acid build up in a horse’s empty stomach.   

Porta-Grazer™: Promotes digestive health by allowing the horse to consume processed forage in a natural manner. Meaning that forage is always available and consumed with each bite being sized and salivated sufficiently to neutralize stomach acid in a timely manner. Also having the ability to graze when necessary relieves stress that can also cause gastric ulcers. 

A recent testimonial from Booralite Park Stables, a racehorse breaking facility in Australia where they house between 75 and 100 Thoroughbreds, stated before using Porta-Grazer™, they averaged 2-3 colic cases per month (mild to severe). Since using Porta-Grazer™, they have gone 300 days and counting with ZERO colic cases!  

MPG Traveler Mini

MPG Traveler Mini

Eliminate Waste 

Horses pick through, walk on, poop and pee on the hay in order to search out the sugar. This behavior results in large amounts of the good valuable hay being wasted. Some may become so obsessed with the sugar that they will not eat the left over hay, waiting for more to pick through. 

Porta-Grazer™: Our unique patented design does not allow hay to be picked through or spread to the ground and wasted.

Better Than Hay Nets

Hay nets force your horse to eat with their head and body in an unnatural posture, typically up high, the horse must twist his head and neck to get to the feed, hay also falls to the ground becoming mixed in with shavings, manure, etc, where your horse can ingest dirt, manure and parasites. Hay nets force your horse to slow down simply by making it hard to get the hay from the net. 

Porta-Grazer™: eliminates hay waste, your horse grazes in a natural head down position, sizing his bites as he would if he was grazing in the pasture. Any sand, dirt etc that might be in the hay when it was baled, is shaken to the bottom of the feeder into a trough that is out of the reach of the horse preventing it from being ingested. 

Travel Ease

You can take the Porta-Grazer™ with you no matter where you go, whether at shows, camping, etc. The PORTA-GRAZER™ reduces travel stress for you and your horse by not interrupting familiar feeding routines. 

Porta-Grazer™: Put your hay into the feeder and put the lid on and off you go. (Lid is optional) When you get where your going you take the lid off, flip it over and it holds approx 9 gallons of water. 

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