Equine Hydro-T™

Equine Hydro-T connects to the end of your hose to provide pulsating water for equine hydro therapy and bathing! The Equine Hydro-T™ is a must for treating injury or bathing our equine athletes.

The Equine Hydro-T™ was developed by horse owners and competitors with veterinary input. It connects to the end of your hose to provide pulsating water for equine therapy for sore joints, tendons and muscles. Equine therapy is a must for both performance and pleasure horses. The Equine Hydro-T™ provides non-painful equine therapy to open wounds for enhanced healing.

Equine Hydro Therapy Products


  • Sore joints
  • Tendons and muscles
  • Decreasing swelling & inflammation
  • Increasing blood flow & stimulating circulation
  • Bathing -Uses 40% less water than a garden hose alone
Equine HydroTherapy

Equine Hydro-T™  Special Internet Price

$20.95 + s/h

30 day satisfaction guarantee - limited lifetime warranty

Visit the Equine Hydro-T™ website to see a video of it in use, read FAQ's, testimonials, and order