Owned by Trey & Jamie Ashford

Owned by Trey & Jamie Ashford

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March 2017

Gear Up for Spring!

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Standing at ESMS on the Brazos Weatherford, TX

In this issue you'll find several articles from trainers and vets that will help you and your horses get ready for spring.

      Training The Performance Horse                                 Backing Up                       By Al Dunning

              Rodeo & Horsemanship                    Beware of equine magnets when                                 training colts                         By Richard Winters

                    Pasture Pitfalls                           Managing horses on new spring growth      By Rebeca Hendricks, DVM

              A BIT of Knowledge                          Choosing the right bit from the start.         By Cal Middleton


                  WORKING LINES                    Weldon McConnell - The King Man      By Larry Thornton

               MARES WITH MORE                                      Blossom Berry                      By Larry Thornton




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