Weaver Quarter Horse Ranch


Working Ranch Horses since 1888

The Weaver family has a long tradition of raising quarter horses. The family came to Montana in 1887 and has been raising quarter horses ever since. Their brand, A Standing X, was recorded in the Weaver name in 1888, and their grandchildren are the sixth generation to ride quarter horses with this brand.

As a family operation, The Weaver Ranch is based in the Bear Paw Mountains with the main income from cows. Their quarter horses are used to work cattle. To be able to do this in the rocky country, the horses not only must have bone, stamina, and conformation, but they must possess the mind and disposition to be able to do whatever is asked of them. This can best be done with the Foundation-bred AQHA horse, and that is exactly what Weaver Ranch offers.

We always bought the best horses we could afford. From day one I had a vision of what I want in a horse. I want good bone and good feet, and they need to be about 15 hands tall. I want a pretty horse with good conformation, and color, is a bonus. Above everything, horses must have a trainable mind whether you wanted to show, ranch or trail ride.
— Stan Weaver
Some of the Weaver Ranch Stallions


 ~ Working Ranch Horses Since 1888 ~
 Proven Breeding Program Featuring Cow Horses With Speed, Good Bone, Feet and Withers

Stan Weaver started his horse breeding business in 1980 when he and his wife, Nancy, bought their first Quarter Horse broodmare. They then bought a couple more, then a couple more. “We were getting enough colts to start selling them,” Weaver remembers. “People would often call to ask what I had for sale, so I decided to have a production sale. I started doing research in 1994 and held our first sale in 1996.”

The Weaver Ranch annual sale is held at the Montana Expo Park
in Great Falls, MT. 

Stan and Nancy Weaver


P.O. Box 589, Big Sandy, MT 59520

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