Sunrise Farm

Daniel and Lori Gardner of Sunrise Farm in Harpersville, Alabama have been raising quality, high-percentage Blue Valentine and Driftwood quarter horses for over a decade. Sunrise Farm prides themselves on their horses not only being working horses but also willing partners with lots of heart and level-headedness.  

Sunrise Farms offers five outstanding stallions to the public:


Funny B Miras Bluboy

 2007 Homozygous Black Blue Roan, son of Leo Hancock Hayes, 32.81% Blue Valentine, 5 panel N/N

Bluboy is the heart of The Sunrise Farm program. At 16.3 hands and about 1,450 pounds, he is also the biggest stud they have. His manner, however, makes him so gentle that their special needs daughter can handle him without any problem. Blu also has an outstanding work ethic, refusing to quit until you ask him. 

 Funny B Wardell

2006 Grullo, son of Leo Hancock Hayes, 43.75% Blue Valentine, 5 panel N/N

Wardell is awesome. He knows his way around both ends of a rope and can make it happen. His heart is big and his grit is bigger. Plus, he is one of the few, if not the only, grullo stud Leo Hancock Hayes ever produced.

WYO Junewood

2002 Grullo, son of Mr. Junewood, 17.19% Blue Valentine, 12.5% Driftwood, 5 panel N/N


Rojo Coup Deuce

2011 Dun Roan, son of Rojo Valentine, 32.81% Blue Valentine, 5 panel N/N

Coup is a Kesa Quarter Horses bred dun roan that goes back to Rojo Valentine and Fox Coup. This cross gives athletic ability and big stopping power. Coup has earned his place here at Sunrise Farm. 

RoJo King Hancock

2003 Black, son of Buck King Hancock, 25.78% Joe Hancock

RK is Sunrise Farm's highest percentage Joe Hancock stallion, and the highest percentage Hancock stud in Alabama, maybe even the southeast. He is incredible. Athletic, strong, willing, he is exactly the horse all breeders strive to produce. His heritage speaks for itself. He was bred on the Wagon Wheel Ranch, and his siblings are still active producers there. 

Contact Sunrise Farm for more breeding information about each stallion, or to see what progeny they currently have available for sale!

252 Ranch Road
Harpersville, Alabama

Daniel Gardner
(205) 603-1918