The Happy Toy Maker

The Happy Toy Maker designs and builds western toys that are as rugged and durable as the kids who play with them since 1998.

These toys are made of STEEL -- designed to last a lifetime and more. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are unmatched by other toys. In a time  where things seem to be disposable and low quality.

The Happy Toy Maker breaks the mold and builds a quality toy built with pride.

All toys are hand-made in HAPPY, TEXAS!

We make personalized handmade metal cowboy toys for kids that work and will last for generations, we make them as detailed as possible.

Below are just a few samples of our work.


Twisted X Boots

Twisted X Boots

Twisted X is dedicated to making a better boot. They have spent a lot of time and energy in the design and development process. Twisted X uses newer technology, stronger and lighter weight components, new tanning processes, as well as newer and more consistent manufacturing techniques.

Maynard Buckles

Maynard Buckles

Maynard Buckles began in 1981 when Ralph Maynard, a former world-class saddle bronc rider, threw his hat in the ring and began crafting the crown jewel of the rodeo world- the trophy belt buckle. He sought a buckle which epitomized the glamorous, coveted prize, yet also embraced the art and craft of the Native American Indian silversmiths. Ralph utilized the finest materials available and focused on attractive, yet affordable buckles.